The Blog

A collection of posts about a variety of topics that may or may not be useful to those that have accidentally found themselves here.  

Topics will vary from dog paraphernalia to web design. My attempts to start a small craft business may also be documented.

Truth be told, this blog will probably be dead after a few months and we'll all be left wondering why I bothered.

The Human

That's me, Neil B. There won't be any selfies or slick promotional headshots here. I live in the United Kingdom and have a habit of "waffling" on when I write something.

Most of my purchasing decisions end up being debated and researched far too much but hopefully I can pass on something useful that I've learnt along the way in my posts. 

The Dog

Lumi is a Finnish Spitz. She has an opinion on most things and will make sure that her voice is heard. Fortunately, she is a big fan of scratches and fuss not to mention the fact she is very cute!

Lumi when she was 11 weeks old.